More on the Aims of This Blog

I said in my first post to this blog that “The aim of After Aristotle is that of promoting and engaging in serious philosophical discussion from the point of view of a Neo-Aristotelian philosophical perspective.” That aim is in fact an aim, not the aim, for it is subordinated to the further aim of better understanding the neo-Aristotelian perspective to which I find myself adhering, which latter aim is itself subordinated to that of gaining a better understanding of the reality in which I find myself existing.

As I foresee things as of now, the pursuit of all three of the afore-mentioned aims will proceed along five separate but often intersecting lines. One is that of the study of the texts of Aristotle himself and of the great Aristotelians, chief among them, of course, Thomas Aquinas. Another is that of engaging myself in the major issues animating the contemporary philosophical conversation. A third is that of reading and reflecting upon Islamic philosophical and theological thought, both contemporary Islamic thought and that of the past. A fourth is that of working my way, in a relatively systematic manner, through the history of Western philosophy, and theology as well, from the beginning. A fifth is that of taking up anything else upon which I happen to think my neo-Aristotelian perspective might shed some light.

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