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A Proof That at Least One Thing Can Be Proven in Philosophy

1. There is a widely held opinion that, in contrast with, say, mathematics, there are no demonstrative arguments, or proofs, in philosophy. This opinion is held, not just by those not well acquainted with philosophy, but also by many or … Continue reading

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Define or Drop.

In his August 19, 2017, post, “Define or Drop,” the Maverick Philosopher’s”maverick philosopher,” Bill Vallicella, offers the following statement regarding and invitation and directive to “leftists.” For leftists, words are weapons. If you are a lefty, and you disagree, then … Continue reading

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Vallicella on the Liberal Mind-set: A Bit of an Overstatement?

It seems to me that no matter how long I wander away from reading blogs, I find upon returning to blogdom that some things remain the same that perhaps shouldn’t. A case in point: after a long period of being … Continue reading

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A First Reply to the Maverick Philosopher’s Replies to My “Seeing and the Existence of the Seen”

0. Bill Vallicella of Maverick Philosopher fame has published two posts in response to my “Seeing and the Existence of the Seen” of December 31, 2013, itself written in response to his “On Seeing: Intentionality without Aspectuality?” of December 30, 2013. … Continue reading

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Theories of Knowledge and Theories of (Linguistic) Representation in Parallel Outline 2

0. In my post of December 30, 2013, “Theories of Knowledge and Theories of Linguistic Representation in Parallel Outline 1,” having been inspired to do so by some passages in the “Introduction to Theory and Criticism” of The Norton Anthology of … Continue reading

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Seeing and the Existence of the Seen

0. This is not the post which, in the immediately previous post, I indicated the next post would be. Let me explain why. In that immediately previous post, published on December 30th, in which I presented some statements of some … Continue reading

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Vallicella, Philosophical Conversation, and Political Philosophy

In his August 3, 2013, post, “Philosophy, Debate, and Dialog: Can Philosophy Be Debated?,” Bill Vallicella, the “maverick philosopher,” answered the question posed in the post’s title in the negative negatively. He adds, “When real philosophy is done with others … Continue reading

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On the Philistinism of the Nagel Bashers

In response to its characterization as a “good article” by Bill Vallicella, the Maverick Philosopher, in “Kimball on the Philistinism of the Nagel Bashers,” I have just read Roger Kimball’s “What Philistinism Looks Like” ,” a defense of sorts of … Continue reading

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