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Reflecting on Russell’s Religion and Science 1. Scientism and the Four Purported Magisteria

1. One reason why I have not been posting over the past months is because I have been caught up in the teaching of courses new to me, in ethics, medical ethics, and environmental ethics. These having been courses for … Continue reading

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Michael Anton on Behalf of the Thesis That Religion Is the Basis of Republican Government

1. No doubt because of the political circumstances in which the United States currently finds itself, I have in turn found myself wanting to know more about and better understand the political theory and philosophy of the nation’s founders, the … Continue reading

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A Note on the “Natural” of “Natural Law Theory”

In his May 7, 2014, Crisis Magazine article, “Is Pluralism a Threat to Catholic Survival?” James Kalb tells his readers: Natural law claims to be a philosophical position that can be developed and defended without regard to religion, so it does … Continue reading

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