The Publication of Boon Island. A True Story of Mutiny Shipwreck and Cannibalism

Wandering a bit off-topic, albeit with good reason, I have just been reminded of the publication of Boon Island. A True Story of Mutiny Shipwreck and Cannibalism, a book co-authored by my first cousin, once removed, Andrew (actually,really, he’s still  just Andy) Vietze; the reminder came in the form of an interview with Andy on the Portland,Maine, television station, WCSH:—Boon-Island-A-True-Story-of-Mutiny-Shipwreck-and-Cannibalism

Boon Island can be purchased, of course, through Amazon, as can, by the way, a previous work by Andy,

Becoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America’s 26th President.

Amazon’s “Andrew Vietze Page” can be found at:

It tells us:

Andrew Vietze is the award-winning author of six books. He splits his time between the coast of Maine and the deep North Woods. For half of the year he’s a ranger at Baxter State Park, one of the premier wilderness destinations in the East. His books include the recently published Boon Island, a 2012 Book of the Year Finalist, called “a maritime whodunit rife with twists and turns and high drama” by Publishers Weekly, and Becoming Teddy Roosevelt, which won a silver Independent Publishers Book Award, was a finalist for a Book of the Year Award, and was honored by decree of the Maine State Legislature. As a freelance journalist, his work has appeared in a wide array of print and online publications, including Time Out New York, Crawdaddy!,’s Forecast Earth, the New York Times’ LifeWire, Offshore, Explore, AMC Outdoors, Hooked on the Outdoors, Big Sky Journal, Maine Times, Down East, and many more. A Registered Maine Guide – and ardent supporter of Liverpool Football Club – he lives in an old farmhouse in the river valley town of Appleton, Maine, with his wife and two sons. Look for his upcoming thriller about the lumbercamp era and his memoir about life as a park ranger soon.
More at

The page goes on to list Andy’s other works.

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