A Note re Mango Languages

When accessing my local (in Massachusetts, not Maine) library online with the aim of find a copy of the fourth edition of Wheeler M. Thackston’s An Introduction to Persian (about which I’ll have something to say in a post to come), I discovered that the library makes Mango Languages available to its patrons for free, at least for many of the very many languages, including Persian, which Mango Languages offers.

If you are interested in gaining at least an initial working conversational knowledge of some language, I’d suggest that you check with your local library to see whether or not it makes Mango Languages available to its patrons, again, for free; the price would be at least right. If it does not, you may wish to go to the Mango Languages website to check out what they have to offer you. But understand, I’m not in a position to actually recommend their program to you, if it’s not free, because I have not yet really used it and I have no idea what their prices are; they are not obvious from a quick perusal of the Mango Languages website.

The Mango Languages Persian program strikes me at first glance to be a somewhat simplified analogue of the Pimsleur Persian program, which I have used, and seriously, and recommend, if you can afford it. You also want to know that Pimsleur Persian covers only, say, a half of what one would expect to see covered in an year-long college-level introduction to Persian, though it covers that thoroughly; I do not yet know how far the Mango Languages Persian will take one.

At any rate, you can access Mango Languages by, no surprise here, googling “mango languages.” And you can access a number of reviews by googling “mango languages review.”

Any thoughts?

Until next time.


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