Define or Drop.

In his August 19, 2017, post, “Define or Drop,” the Maverick Philosopher’s”maverick philosopher,” Bill Vallicella, offers the following statement regarding and invitation and directive to “leftists.”

For leftists, words are weapons. If you are a lefty, and you disagree, then I invite you to define ‘fascist,’ ‘racist,’ ‘white supremacist,’ and the rest of the epithets in your arsenal. Define ’em or drop ’em.

He himself, however, does not define “leftist” or “leftism,” at least in this post. I don’t recall him having defined either term in other posts, and I have read many of them.

If, then, Bill, you have defined one or the other in some one of your many, many, posts bearing on leftists, I ask that you let us know in which one. If you haven’t, then, your directive to yourself has to be, “Define it or drop it.”

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